Why the Memory Vault?

  For many years I have been helping people with estate planning to ensure that when they pass away their family receives more than just a tax bill from the government.  But in doing this I realised that, while it is important to protect our assets from being lost when someone dies, there is also so much more to a life than the financial wealth that we have accumulated.  When we die, our lives are literally lost.  The stories and events that made us who we are disappear in the blink of an eye.  The wisdom and knowledge that we have built over many years simply die with us.  I know from my granddadís death that I lost more than him; I lost 87 years of experience.  I didnít want the same thing to happen with my parents.  I realised that I needed to find a way to protect the memories that will be lost, I needed to find a way to learn from the wisdom that dies with us, and I needed to pass on to my children the experiences and history of life that would be lost in time.  This is the reason why I developed the Memory Vault  

Please take the time to watch the introductory film.  It will give you more of a sense of what your film would be like.  You will also see some of our clients at the end of the film tell you about their experiences with the Memory Vault.

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